• I believe in family. Holding them close and being connected to one another because THIS is your life, right now. I believe in love. A love that when you close your eyes, you feel the warmth, you feel your childrens hugs and kisses, and your heart just skips a beat because you are in that moment. I believe in believing in yourself, especially when we as Moms are usually last on our list to be taken care of.

    My studio, located in Houston's beautiful suburb of Pearland, is perfect for your whole family. I believe in creating a one-of-a-kind experience making you feel pampered and loved. As a client, you have access to my beautiful studio wardrobe for any of your sessions, whether indoor or outdoor. Pieces for your whole family are available in a variety of sizes and compliment the signature style of my imagery that my clients and I love. Please take a look around and get to know me, my family and my clients and feel free to leave me a little note if you have any questions. I look forward to meeting you!

    After all is said and done, only love and photos remain.....



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Remy | Pearland Newborn Photographer Sneak Peek

I had the pleasure of photographing sweet little 9 day old Remy in my new studio on Sunday!!! He christened the studio and me, if you know what I mean but was still a pleasure to work with. Newborns are so little and soft that I absolutely love holding them. There is just something about a newborn baby that leaves me at peace.

Im hoping to have some photos to post of the finished studio soon. I can do both lifestyle and posed newborn shots in the studio as everything is already set up. Its going to be a great addition to Only Love Remains Photography.


Isabel Shaw is a Pearland TX Child & Family Photographer specializing in lifestyle and portrait photography for newborns, children, families, seniors and couples.  She currently resides in Pearland and is servicing the surrounding areas of Houston including, but not limited to Pearland, Friendswood, League City, Webster, Clear Lake, Galveston, Alvin, Sugarland and Missouri City.

Remy | Pearland Newborn Photographer Sneak Peek

Candy Hoehn - These are such beautiful newborn pictures. I love the clean lines and the classic look.

Allyson Hamilton - What a beautiful baby. Love the simplicity of these! Gorgeous newborn photos 🙂

Kane Family | A Fun Toddler Session

A children’s session, especially a toddlers session, can be overwhelming for some photographers. I’ve always naturally loved playing with children and children tend to be very open towards me. Patience can sometimes be tested but I find I actually become even more patient with children. I assume this is when my mommy instincts come in to play. For me,  a childs session is all about getting to know the child and finding what they love to do and who they are now.  Having fun and being lighthearted with them makes them trust ME first and secondly as the photographer.  I find that playing with them and getting to know the children first even before bringing out my camera, better suits the session.

One summer morning, the Kane family and I had a small little adventure through the park while battling the  summer heat. These two were adorable and handled it pretty well. They enjoyed being mostly on the run!

Karen - Beautiful children and a fantastic location!! My fav is of the dad swinging the little girl.

Meagan - What an adorable pair. You captured these two perfectly.

Beautiful Nikki and her sweet horse | Pearland Children’s Photography

Sometimes there are sessions that make your heart pitter patter and THIS was one of them. Nikki’s mom is my hairdresser and we had spoken about doing a shoot for her daughter. She said she had the perfect dress for her to wear and had the perfect prop to go with it. The shoot in my head sounded amazing. Props are one of my obsessions, and who doesn’t love a beautiful horse and a beautiful girl together!! This is only part 1 of 3 because we had a few changes of outfits. Ill be posting Part 2 soon!

Ashley - These are so beautiful Isabel! I love this precious girl’s curly q’s! Great job!

Karen - Stunning! She is a beautiful girl and her horse is beautiful as well!